How to Balance Your School, Work, and Exercise?

Today, people have a lot of difficulty balancing out their daily lifestyles. It’s not easy, especially considering factors such as the state of the economy. Some people spend over two-thirds of their day either studying or working. Hence, they have enough time for leisure purposes. In this article, we examine the best ways to fit […]

Fitness Doesn’t Take Two Hours

In this time of New Year’s resolutions, Facebook continues to be plastered with updates on the latest fitness goals and progress of others. Many head to the gym for hours on end, spend ridiculous amounts of money on supplements, memberships, and much much more. Around the month or two month mark of the new year […]

10 Reasons Why Exercise Is Important

Exercise is any activity that raises your heart rate over a certain period of time. It can be walking, jogging swimming or lifting weights. I doubt there is anyone who has not heard that exercise is important. The question is: do you know why? Exercise has many benefits, both physical and non-physical. I have come […]

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